Flexible Flue Lining

Here at Firecraft West London we offer fitting of all types of flexible flue liners.

We can fit gas liner for gas fire & also solid fuel liners for woodburning/multi-fuel stoves & open fires.

The diameter of the lining required will vary depending on the fireplace that has/is being installed. The Firecraft team can advise on this.

Gas Liners

Gas liners – With gas liners they typically usually come in 5”, 6” & 7” diameters, with gas fires they  are generally listed with the flue sizes that are suitable as “Flue Classes” Class 1 being 7” or larger, Class 2 being 5” or larger, therefore a 7” liner would be classed suitable for a class 1 or 2 gas fire.

Gas liners are a single skinned liner and are suitable for gas fires only and are not suitable for any solid fuel use.

Solid Fuel Liners

Solid fuel liners – With solid fuel liners the diameters can typically range from 5” to 8”

Typically larger the fireplace opening the larger the diameter required.

For a wood burning or multifuel stove installations typically a 5” or 6” liner is installed, all depended on the flue outset of the stove that is being fitted, The liner must match or be larger than the flue outlet of the stove. It cannot be reduced.

Types of Solid Fuel Liners:

316 Grade:

This grade of lining is mostly suitable for woodburning use due to the grade of the stainless steel, it is suitable for minimal smokeless fuel use however not recommended for regular use as the sulphur content in the smokeless fuel can corrodes the lining faster than average.

Regularly sweeping/ cleaning of the flue liner will help keep the flue clean and prevent the build up of any soot, an annual sweep would be required to maintain any warranty with the lining, these grade liners typically come with 10 years warranty.

904 Grade:

This grade of lining is more durable compared to the 316 grade of stainless steel, it can be used for heavy usage of either woodburning or smokeless fuels due to the doubled skinned layer.

For any open solid fuel fireplace fitted in London, a 904 grade liner would be standard as it the only grade liner that is suitable for smokeless fuel use.

904 Grade liners typically come with a 20-35 year warranty.

For woodburning stoves, a 316 grade liner is suitable as you will only be burning wood.

For Multifuel stoves, we recommend fitting a 904 grade liner as it allows the user to use both wood & smokeless fuels, however a 316 liner can be fitted if mostly wood is being burnt.

Prior to installation of a flue liner we recommend having the chimney swept to help clear any debris inside the chimney, this will confirm the chimney is clear for lining.


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